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We’re all about racing SanJuan 21 keelboats.

They’re not the sexiest, fastest, newest boats… but there are up to 20 of them racing as a one-design fleet.

To get you started with us…

  • you look at the boats that are racing in the fleet,
  • you could sign up to our “pickup crew list” and come out and crew on a racing keelboat for Wednesday Night Racing or for a regatta,
  • if you are interested in racing a SanJuan 21 or going for a sail around the lake, get a membership at the Glenmore Sailing Club and you can access a SanJuan 21 through the Club Boat Program,
  • lastly, you could flip us an email and ask a question or just cruise around the website to learn more about us.

We look forward to bending an elbow with you and telling sailor’s lies after racing.