The SanJuan 21

The SanJuan 21 sailboat is a one-design trailerable sailboat with a swing keel, typically raced with a crew of three.

These sailboats are inexpensive and fun. Competitive racing boats may cost around $5,000. Eventually skippers want new sails… and with a new suit of sails costing a couple grand they are the biggest cost of boat ownership. However that suit of sails on a SJ21 will easily be competitive for 5 plus years.

Relatively easy to sail (unlike say a planing or foiling dinghy) the SJ21 handles a lot like a dinghy.

Boats weigh only 1,400 pounds and are easily towed and launched. And they are remarkably stable. The fleet in Calgary typically sails with main sail, jib and spinnaker but the genoa in the right conditions really makes the boat move.

Fleet 28 is part of the International SJ21 Class Association