Race Replays with raceQs app

The raceQs’ tracker app records sailing data with your phone and creates a 3D replay of your race online. The 3D replay will show your boat and any other boats who were recording in your area. Select anyone in the replay to learn from the top performers in your fleet. Watch the replay with your crew and evaluate your race in the club, and at home online.

You can choose to upload your recorded tracks immediately over cell phone signal, or save them to upload over Wi-Fi. Turn on “Live Broadcast” and your friends can watch your race “live”, on your raceQs’ journal page.

The raceQs’ app is more than just a tracking device. It also records the motion of your boat using the accelerometer and gyroscope in your phone. Watch your race replay to evaluate your tacking patterns, boat handling, heel angle, and more. It will change the way you race.

Download the free raceQs app onto your Android or iPhone.