Dark Star Daily Update – July 14

1) 0800 PDT Position is:  23 deg 21.8 min N, 152 deg 13.5 min W

– Sea: SWELL 1-2′, 1′ WIND WAVES
– Wind 053@10KTS
– Pressure 103.8kPa/1038mB

3) COMMENTS: Wow. The last 12 hours have been pure Transpac gold for Dark Star.  It started with a beautiful breeze late afternoon, rolled on in to a spectacular sunset that was just warming us up for the all-night star show that followed.  Moonrise was late so we got half a night of horizon to horizon universe.  When the moon crested the horizon, it did so through a cluster of distant clouds that gave it an otherworldly aspect. Sailing under the arc of the milky way with a fiery red moon low in our wake is one of those experiences that you only “get” if you’ve been here. Made the race for us.