Dark Star Daily Update – July 13

Oh man, this one is going to be a nail biter.  We got rolled by the biggest suck squall in history last night and wallowed around for 8 hours with no wind whatsoever.  Due to the very localized nature of these storms, our competition didn’t get hit with the same cloud and has made up a ton of ground.  We are currently leading by the narrowest of margins. Hold fast indeed!  It’s nail biting time.  Very little sleep between now and the finish…

Normally you go looking for squalls because there’s a ton of wind in front of them that can propel you up the course.  The danger is that there’s typically very little wind behind them so you don’t want to get stuck there.  This year however, we have been through 6 squalls and none of them have had any wind whatsoever – in front, behind, beside, above or below.

Current ETA on routing software is about 8am on the 16th.  Eat beans and think windy thoughts, everyone!