Dark Star Daily Update – July 6

1) 0800 PDT Position is:  29 deg 25 min N, 125 deg 20 min W

– Sea: SWELL 4-6′, 1-2′ WIND WAVES
– Wind Oscillating 000M 12KTS
– Pressure 103.2kPa/1032mB

3) RANDOM COMMENTS: Lots of shipping traffic, including something that looked like a ship carrying 8 or 10 cranes for the Long Beach container port.  Improbable that it remains upright!

Saving a lot of sunblock for later as we have been socked in for days now.  Last night was pitch black and we really appreciated the new phosphorescent stripes on our sails. Water temperature has finally recovered to the level it was at the dock in San Pedro.  Any time it wants to get warm, we’re ready…

Noticeably less garbage in the ocean along this route vs Pac Cup or Vic Maui.

Just received a small craft advisory on VHF from USCG Long Beach – 400nm distant at this point.  That is one bad-ass broadcast tower.