Dark Star Daily Update – July 5

1) 0800 PDT Position is: 30 deg 29 min N, 122 deg 23 min W

– Sky: OVERCAST but breaking up
– Wind Oscillating 340M-010M 8 KTS GUST 12
– Pressure 102.9kPa/1029mB

3) COMMENTS: Lots of action in past 24 hrs. Surrounded by a pod of dolphins and at same time a blue whale surfaced 200m astern. Easily 3x the length of our boat.

Our foredeck philosophers got to wondering how many vertical feet we’d sail up and down swells on this crossing. Fortunately, there’s an app for that. According to the accelerometer on the iPhone, in 10 minutes we sailed 267 feet vertically (half up, half down). Applying some arithmetic we came up with some surprising numbers:

1602 vertical feet per hour
38,448 vertical feet per day
538,272 vertical feet on a 14 day passage.

Folks, that’s 48 miles of climbing – 10 Everest Summits – and 48 vertical miles of surfing.

Needless to say, we’re itching to pop that big kite and let Dark Star off the leash!